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Jazz 1

Ariell & Ramell Engagement shoot. This was the cutest couple and they did a fantastic job I really enjoyed working with them. It was a treat for me as a photographer. Look at the whole album here. http://www.blog.milestonesfoto.com/event/ariell-ramell/

Ariell & Ramell

LHS Mini-tour

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Heritage Choir Showcase

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This was a beautiful evening at the Officer’s Club on Alameda. It is such a wonderful venue. This was a beautiful ceremony for the fun loving Chiefs. I had a good time with everyone. Looking forward to spring.


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09-25-2015 Game

It was good to be able to get out. I think that I will not be able to make it to some of the games, but I should make most of them. I won’t be able to make the game on the 23rd of October. Most other ones I should be able to make though. You guys are awesome!

Homecoming Parade

The Liberty High School Band was without a doubt the kickoff for the homecoming parade. It was an excellent playing of music by the band. Led by Joe Rezendes this years parade was a smashing success.

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