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Hello, my name is Muhammad Saadiq. I can always be reached at 925-755-6810. I live in Brentwood, California with my wife and several of my six children. I’ve learned to celebrate my family through my journey as a photographer. I have been photographing steadily from the birth of my first child. He’s now 22 years old, so time does fly. One thing I’ve learned about kids is, if you blink you will miss it, they are grown and leaving the house.


How I Started

I officially began Milestonesfoto in 2007 in Miami where I’m originally from. While serving in the Coast Guard in my twilight tour I began slowly building my photography business. I learned lighting, composition and posing from some of the best in Miami. I took what I learned and practiced and began a photography workshop. I continued that tradition when the Coast Guard brought me to Alameda. I finished my 24 years of active duty and settled down in the town I call home Brentwood. My military career solidified in me two principles "Make it Happen" and "Make it Right."


My devotion to service

Since my retirement from the Coast Guard I have been able to completely devote myself to photography. I enjoy creating candid moments that resonate for a lifetime. I continuously hone my skills to bring you the very best photographic experience, experimenting with different genres of photography, consistently pushing the limits of photographic expression. I am the primary photographer for 110 Magazine. That experience keeps people in my community in front of my camera and allows me to connect with my community.


My Passion

My Passion is providing people with memories that last a lifetime. I love working with High School Seniors as they provide a bountiful array of excitement for life. They allow me to keep my work current and close to the fashion edge. I love working with kids as they remind me of my own. Couples and families remind me of what is truly important in life.


What I like most

To me being a photographer is like reading a good book.  The personalities and back stories I encounter on a daily basis allow me to grow deeply and richly from the experience of others. In turn, I get to interpret what I learn into images that creatively and beautifully represent my clients personality and style.

I look forward to working with you.


Contact Me

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